Written by: Mohawk Flooring

For homeowners everywhere, especially families on the go, it’s a battle as old as time: beautiful carpet versus an active home. On one hand, you love the idea of a plush, soft carpet that the family can lie on and play on together, but then you think of the constant messes from kids, pets and even adults. You may feel like hard surface flooring in the home is a necessity, allowing you to easily clean up the chaos when it strikes. But it is possible to find carpet that works for you, your family and your beautiful home.

SmartStrand carpet has been tested and proven for over 12 years in homes across the country and has lived up to its claims to be the most durable, easiest to clean carpet on the planet. SmartStrand has survived some of the most extreme situations that you can imagine. It was even put it in a pen with a 5,400 pound Rhino! SmartStrand’s unique combination of built-in stain protection, inherent durability and Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield have provided a carpet that can withstand pretty much anything any family can throw at it.

Inherent Durability

The original Rhino Challenge took place in 2009, pitting SmartStrand carpet against the playful 1.5-ton Ricko the Rhinoceros in his Birmingham Zoo living quarters for two whole weeks. It’s hard to imagine, but SmartStrand carpet was even able to resist the crushing and matting that Ricko presented. The unique spring-like shape of the SmartStrand fibers provides impressive durability, maintaining its beauty and softness with ease, even under Ricko’s weight.

Its durability was proven again in 2010, when SmartStrand traveled to the Dallas Zoo and endured the tracks of rhinos, giraffes, camels and even an elephant! In light of its ability to withstand enormous zoo animals, it is no surprise that Mohawk SmartStrand is the only carpet to feature All Pet Protection and Warranty, covering all pets and all accidents. If SmartStrand can stand up to this wildlife, it can most definitely handle your family’s wild life.

Built-In Stain Resistance

Fast forward to 2012, when Mohawk searched the country to find America’s messiest kids. Morning shows across the nation picked up on this adorable quest and showcased the cutest messy eaters, but not one could stain SmartStrand. Stain resistance is engineered into the SmartStrand fiber without dye sites, so stains cannot chemically bond to the carpet. Unlike most carpets with topical treatments, the stain resistance is permanently built into SmartStrand, so it won’t wash or wear off, ensuring your carpet will always be easy to clean.

The License to Spill Carpet Showdown in 2013 then saw SmartStrand carpet take on 12 food festivals and every recipe you can imagine. Still shining after all foods were intentionally spilled on the carpet, SmartStrand proved it can survive every morsel thrown its way.

Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield
SmartStrand Forever Clean’s Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield was truly put to the test in 2015, when carpet was placed at the finish line of Tough Mudder races around the country. Can you imagine thousands of mud-caked feet stomping through your home, yet your carpet cleans up like a dream?

Ultra-fine nanoparticles bond to encapsulate every SmartStrand fiber with a complete stain and soil shield. So the carpet repels dirt, dander and, yes, MUD before it can reach the fiber. As a result, SmartStrand is tremendously easy to clean and was crowned the true champ at every Tough Mudder race.

The SmartStrand Difference

SmartStrand carpet is soft and comfortable for your family, yet tough and resilient enough to handle all of daily life’s challenges. It’s no secret that a messy home or stained carpet will add to the stress of an already hectic household. Choosing a carpet that has faced every imaginable test and been proven to spring back and clean up easily and effectively may give you at least one less thing to worry about.

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